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About Order

1. Instruction

How to transfer iron-on stickers with home iron? (Download Instruction)

How to transfer iron-on stickers with heat press machine? (Download Instruction)

How to apply temporary tattoos (download instruction)

How to make temporary tattoos last longer (download instruction)

How to remove temporary tattoos (download instruction)

2. Are those iron-on stickers, temporary tattoos safe or eco-friendly, especially to Children?’s heat transfers materials, roland machine and ink have been certified to meet the chemical emissions requirements for UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification (formerly known as GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification). They’re not going to be harmful to skin, especially to Children

Attached files are certification of roland machine and machine and MSDS of heat transfer printing,

MSDS of inkjet printing (Download)

Certification of CAD color Express Print heat transfer materials(Download)

Eco-Sol Max GREENGUARD Gold Certification (Download)

Tattoos are produced in GMP standard factory; 

Comply with FDA (US) regulation and comply with EU newest cosmetic regulation EC1223/2009, related testing report is available, such as: CPSR,Microbial contamination, Heavy metaltesting, EN71 testing. 

And full set PIF document to ensure our product is safe and non-toxic to human. 

3. Artworks Guidelines

Acceptable file formats include: .psd, .tif, .ai, .eps, .png, .pdf, .jpg, gif.

(1) Accepted file formats

For our iron on transfers, we ask that you provide a vector file (.ai, .pdf, .eps, .fh11) and convert all fonts to curves or outlines. High resolution Raster files (.jpg, .gif, .tif, .bmp) are accepted for these transfers but may require additional art charges.

(2)Tips to avoid additional art charges

Spot Color:

(1)Please check the spelling and convert all fonts to curves or outlines before sending your artwork to us. This small step goes a long way to eliminating errors.

(3)For a clean and consistent print, all line-weights and negative spaces must be at least 1 point (.014") or more for most colors. If using white ink, line-weights and negative spaces must be at least 1.5 points (.021"). When using type in your artwork, avoid using fonts with serifs at a small size.

4. What are your minimums?

There is no minimum for any order; For custom stickers, handling fees may be charged if the order is lower than $20.

5. What are your lead times?

Lead times generally depend on the process. Typical turnaround for a quote is one business day and typical turnaround times for shipments vary depending on process and size of order, but in general our turnaround times are very quick.

6. Do you send proofs?

After you submit your order you will receive a digital version of your artwork to proof. This is to allow you to confirm correct spelling and similar details.

7. What is the washing ability on your printing?

All of our products and print processes are heavily washing tested so you can be sure you are buying retail quality products.

8. Do you use lead in your inks?

No, we have never used lead based inks in our products. We use eco solvent ink.

9. Do you print domestically?

Yes, all of our products are manufactured at our Toronto, Ontario facility.

10. What type of fabrics can you print on?

You can print on cotton, cotton blends, lycra, nylon and many other fabrics. If you have an unusual request, please send it and we will do our best to help. Often customers send us samples of the fabric they want to use with their transfer. We will test print your design for you.

11. Do you also print t-shirts and other apparel?

Yes, we can print as little as one shirt or as many as you need. We also do order fulfillment as well.

12. How to select a right size logo for your garment

Normally we decorate our garment at center chest, left chest, front, back, left sleeve and right sleeve, how do we select right size logo?

For adult garment

Center chest logo: 10 inches

Left chest logo: 3 inches or 4 inches

Front number: 9 inches

Back logo: 10 inches

Back name plate: 4 inches

Back number: 10inches or 11innches height

For over 8 years old youth garment

Center chest logo: 8 inches

Left chest logo: 3 inches

Front number: 7 inches

Back logo: 8 inches

Back name plate: 3 inches

Back number: 8 inches or 9 inches height

For 3-8 years old youth garment

Center chest logo: 6 inches

Left chest logo: 2.5 inches

Front number: 6 inches

Back logo: 6 inches

Back name plate: 2 .5 inches

Back number: 6inches or 7 inches height

For less than 3 years old baby garment

Center chest logo: 4 inches logo

Left chest logo: 2 inches

Front number: 4 inches

Back logo: 4 inches

Back name plate: 2 inches

Back number: 4 inches or 5 inches height

If you need more information about our products and services, please feel free to send us an email at

About Policy

1. Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card payment (including Visa, mastercard, Amex and Discovery.)

2. What is your return policy?

We don't accept return for custom items such as jerseys and letters/numbers because it's designed for you; If there is quality problem, we could communicate to solve it.

For other items such as stickers and patches, you could return it within 7 days after you receive it.

3. Do you have drop shipping service?

Yes, we do offer drop shipping services. Please contact us at diyirononsticker@gmail.comfor details.

4. Is there any quantity discounts?

Yes, great discount is available for large quantity order. For more details, please feel free to send us an email.

5. What are the shipping methods?

Usually, we ship your order via Canada Post regular service without tracking number to save your money. If you need rush service, please contact us after you place your order. TNT, UPS Express service is available, but extra shipping fee will be charged.

For more details of, please feel free to contact us at

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