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Fluorescent Iron On Stickers


Best choice for Heat Transfer Material for T-Shirts


(1) Lower temperature, HOT or COLD peel,

(2) No lifting, durability wash after wash, and lower pressure.

(3) It's thinner than our competitors'material and offers a one-step application that's great for multiple layers.

(4) Comes on a pressure-sensitive carrier.

Adhere To

Adheres to: 100% cotton, 100% uncoated polyester, poly/cotton blends

Heat Application

(1) Cut in REVERSE Weed

(2) Preheat garment for 2 to 3 seconds

(3) Temperature: 305°F/152°C

(4) Pressure: Medium

(5) Time: 10-15 seconds

(6) Peel HOT or COLD

Washing and Care

(1) Machine wash warm or hot

(2) With mild detergent

(3) Wait 24 hours before first wash

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