How to Remove Old Decals

You can remove old decals NBA wall decals in a number of ways. It’s relatively simple, but can be time consuming if the decals have been in place for some time.

1. If possible, try to pull up a corner of a decal with your fingernail, a pair of tweezers, or a razor blade. If you can, try to pull off as much as possible.

2. If you cannot pull up the decals, take a sharp knife and score the top of the decal in several places, being careful not to damage the surface underneath.

3. After the decal has been scored, cover the decal with baby oil or vaseline. Do not use cooking oil since it may go rancid if left on for a long period of time.

4. Leave the decals covered in the oil overnight. The next day, try to pull up a corner with a razor…if the decal is loose, pull up the entire decal. If not, cover with a little more oil and leave for another day.

5. Once you are able to remove the decals, there may be a residue of adhesive. Try rubbing with some oil to dissolve it. Take a paper towel to remove the adhesive and oil.

6. Once the decals custom NHL decals stickers and adhesive is removed, thoroughly clean the surface with soap and water to remove any residue.


  • Any type of oil will loosen adhesive. Mineral oil works best since it has no odor and will not go rancid.
  • If a decal has been placed on a painted wall, you may have to sand and repaint the wall after removal. Use a razor blade to lift a corner and see if the decal custom mlb stickers will remove easily. If not, use the razor to remove the decal from the wall. Unless the wall is painted with a gloss paint (latex or oil-based), the remaining adhesive will be impossible to remove without damage to the paint. (If it’s a gloss paint, try using oil as indicated above. Do a small test spot first in a corner to see if the oil damages the paint.) Once the decal is removed, you will have to lightly sand the wall to remove and adhesive residue. Wipe down the wall to remove any sanding dust, prime (if needed) and repaint.
  • if your surface appears to dry very easily I recommend covering the stuck decal with plastic wrap to allow the oil to seep under the decal.


  • Do not use the oil technique on walls 3D look wall stickers, panelling, unfinished wood, etc. It should only be used on non-porous surfaces such as appliances, painted toy boxes, plastics, etc.
  • Never use solvents of any type on latex-based paints – it will dissolve the paint.

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