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Cowboy offensive coordinator Karen Moore will continue to be in charge of tactical offensive command

January 18th, 2020

Dallas Cowboys’ attitude towards attack coordinator Kellen Moore is business as usual.

When meeting with the media on Thursday, Mike McCarthy, the team’s new manager, said Moore would continue to be in charge of the team’s offensive tactical command. Moore played the same role last season under manager Jason Garrett.

“I am confident that Karen will still be in charge of tactical command. This is our plan for the future, “McCarthy said. He also plans to keep the offensive team’s tactical language consistent.

According to Ian Rapoport, a reporter with NFL television network, making sure Moore continues to be in charge of tactical command is one of the ways Cowboys make sure he stays. Moore had thought about becoming an offensive coordinator at the University of Washington, but McCarthy and Jerry Jones, the cowboy boss, kept him.

In this season, Moore’s first year as attack coordinator, cowboy’s total offensive yards ranked first in the league, averaging 27.1 points per game, ranking sixth in the league. The quarterback, dak Prescott, hit career best with 4902 yards and 30 passes.

During his 13 years in charge of Green Bay Packers, McCarthy spent most of his time directing offensive tactics. Now his willingness to cede that power to Moore is a very important change. Now cowboys are still building coaching teams.

Blues contract extension champion coach avalanche Coyote swap player

January 17th, 2020

Blues had a bad start to the season and fired former coach Mike Yeo on November 19. Beiroub was ordered to coach 63 regular season games, 38 wins, 19 losses and 6 overtime losses. On January 3, the team was at the bottom of the league, but then played 30-10-5 overtime, rising to third place in the playoffs. After that, beiroub led the blues to Winnipeg jet, Dallas star and San Jose shark, and won the first championship in the Stanley Cup final.

For the renewal, beiroub is very happy: “this is a proud day for me, I have endless gratitude to this team, the whole organization and even St. Louis. The past season is the peak of my life, and now I can’t wait to start the journey of defending the crown.”

Beiroub, 53, was nominated for the jack Adam Award (Best Coach Award), and although the New York Islander’s Barry troz won the award, it still speaks volumes about beiroub’s success. Since 1967-68 season Blues into the NHL, no North American four major league team can achieve more than a quarter of the season is still at the bottom of the position, but the final counter attack to win.

Doug Armstrong, general manager of blues, said: “Craig has brought us tremendous impact. He has restarted the team’s self-identity and given the players clear direction and goals. The chemistry and trust that he and the players built together brought us together to the first Stanley Cup in team history

In fact, it was decided before beiroub renewed his contract. Earlier on May 10, before the start of the Western Conference finals, Armstrong said about the coach selection for next season: “we are ready to continue to support beiroub. We were looking for other candidates to see if they are suitable from the Youth League, Europe, NHL and AHL. But after studying the list over and over again, I found that Craig had all the factors I needed, and now there is only one name on my candidate list. “

49 Manager: the regular season’s big win for packers has nothing to do with the next game

January 16th, 2020

As the League of Nations Championship draws closer, Kyle Shanahan, the 49 man coach in San Francisco, wants to make it clear that the 12th week of the regular season win over the packers at Green Bay has nothing to do with the next game.

The 49 beat the packers 37-8 in that game, and they had an advantage in every data. In that game, the packer even gave up completely at the end of the match and sent a backup quarterback.

Shanahan has something to say if 49 players or fans feel that this game proves that they can easily win the next game.

“Previous games were never important,” Shanahan said. “Now there are four teams left, four very, very good teams. It will be a tough game for all of us. “

Fans can say what they want, but Shanahan has given a shot at anyone who wants to brag about his abilities. “Don’t be so stupid,” he said. “This is not a reality.”

But the reality is that when the San Francisco 49ers are doing well, they are an unstoppable team. They have proved that in the zone finals week. They have an advantage in both attack and defense.

Watch: how to score for Yang, Booker, Owen, alphabet, beard and Leonard

January 16th, 2020

Trey young is one of the most influential players in attack and defense in the league. Of course, one is a positive effect, the other is a negative effect.

According to BBR data, the attack efficiency of the eagles increased by 15.3 when Trey young was on the court, but at the same time, the defense efficiency of the eagles decreased by 9.

However, in total, Trey Young’s attack and defense ability against the eagles increased to 6.3.

Basically, give the current Trey young a pick and roll partner – with John Collins, just suspended for a while, two more average frontlines, the eagles can brush the playoffs.

Unfortunately, Collins has suspended 25 games this season. The hawk’s front line may be the worst in the league. Therefore, Trey Young’s post-season performance may not be enough.

Never mind. Come back next year.

Today’s game, he got 36 points.

Death threats scare the “werewolf king”

January 16th, 2020

In Las Vegas, a fan named Cameron Hughes is sitting in the T-Mobile stadium of the NHL Vegas golden Cavaliers, waiting to take off his shirt: such a move can bring him thousands of yuan of income.

Cameron Hughes’s approach may be controversial, but it’s a necessary part of the team’s culture for the Vegas golden Cavaliers. In the opening match of NHL’s 2019-20 regular season, the atmosphere at home of the Las Vegas golden Cavaliers is not as enthusiastic as the team’s championship season. But it is in such a situation that the team needs to hire “professional fans” like Cameron Hughes: they exist to drive the atmosphere of the scene.

With 10 minutes and 28 seconds left in the game, music began to play. Hughes immediately left his seat and began to dance wildly in the stands. He was wearing black shorts and the golden Cavaliers T-shirt. Later, during the dance, he took off his clothes and gave them to the fans, then revealed another one under the T-shirt. His behavior obviously attracted the attention of fans, who took out their mobile phones to shoot. So he jumped up and down in the stands and performed.

Official announcement! Clark got a job

January 15th, 2020

January 15 news: this morning, the magic officially announced that they have signed free agent Gary Clarke and cut guard Josh meggitt. According to the news, magic is offering a 10 day short contract. Clark was laid off by the rockets on the 7th of this month. As a striker, it is a good addition to magic. Clarke has averaged 3.9 points and 2.2 rebounds so far this season.

However, it is hard for the fans to accept that the magic gave the No. 12 Jersey to Clarke. It’s a jersey that is likely to retire in the future. Howard left his peak in magic, and beat LeBron to lead the team to the finals in 2009. Although he failed to win the title, Howard won too many honors during the magic period and helped the magic become a hot team for the championship. But now it’s different. On the 12th, he gave a temporary worker. It seems that magic never intended to retire Howard’s Jersey.

Gold Schmidt leads the team to the top of the game

January 15th, 2020

MLB Major League of American professional baseball ushered in the League of Nations Regional series, the League of Nations Central champion away to challenge the League of nations East champion warrior. In the first six innings, the red sparrow, 1-3 behind, launched a counter attack in the eighth and ninth innings to complete the counter overtaking. The warriors made two home runs in the ninth innings to catch up with the score, but in the end, the red sparrow won 7-6 away to win the series.

The Cardinals have nine hits, with Edman, Goldschmidt, ozuna, DeJong and Wang all contributing two hits a game. Starting pitcher mikolas lost just one point in five innings. The warriors have three hits in a single game, including a home run. The warriors have 11 hits in a circle.

In the first inning, kekol made three pitches and three pitches. In the first inning, the warriors relied on the escort and the hit to occupy the full base. Donnelson’s hit point made the warriors take the lead. In the second inning, McCain hit the second base first, but his teammates didn’t send him back.

University of Alabama quarterback TUA teowaloa announces draft

January 9th, 2020

The University of Alabama quarterback, TUA tagovaloa, is expected to give up his senior year in the NFL draft.

The former hesman prize candidate announced the decision Monday at a press conference on campus.

“After a lot of prayer, deliberation and guidance, I’ve decided that I’ll be in the 2020 NFL draft.” He said.

Teowaloa dislocated his hip in the game against Mississippi State University on November 16. He was operated on immediately afterwards and has been recovering with the team ever since. The team’s doctors told ESPN that teowaloa would not be able to return to sport until mid February and could not pass until some time in the spring.

Teng’oualoa became the focus of attention in his freshman year. He led the team to victory as a backup quarterback in the national championship against the University of Georgia. Later he beat Jalen hurts to get a starting position. In the past two seasons, he has made a total of 76 arrivals and only 9 passes have been intercepted. He was second in the 2018 Heisman awards.

After a few weeks of hip surgery, teowaloa met with the media to talk about his future, saying that “risks and rewards” should be taken into account both in school and in the election. At the time, he said it would be “a very difficult opportunity” to be selected in the top 10 or top 15.

Now, the outside world will pay close attention to the recovery of teng’oualoa’s injury, especially the team that needs to strengthen the quarterback position.

Anthony Davies rejected the Lakers’ four-year 146 million contract. Is it for another job or for a big one?

January 9th, 2020

There was no suspense in the game between the Lakers and the Knicks. The gap between the two sides was too big. In the end, the Lakers beat the Knicks by 117-87, 30 points. The gap between the two sides was the embodiment of their strength.

But unfortunately for the Lakers, Anthony Davis lost his balance in the air during a blocked Randall game, landed on his back, and then walked slowly back to the locker room with the help of his teammates.

According to the report, Davis has been X-rayed, and the test results are negative, but Davis is still very painful. The Lakers currently diagnose Davis as a contusion of the tailbone.

Davis’s injury has never been news. He misses many games every season. After coming to the Lakers, Davis has suffered the least injuries. I think it’s mainly because James has attracted too much pressure for him and Davis has received less bags.

NHL Blues vs flame Blues live broadcast at 11:00 on the 10th, looking forward to the perfect end of the trip

January 9th, 2020

The NHL regular season in 2019-20 will continue, and the defending champion St. Louis Blues team in the recent state of fire will continue to travel to the west of Canada. The team in this game will visit Calgary, challenge the flame team who won a big victory in the game.

The blues team is in a very good condition recently. They have won 8 games in the past 9 games, and now they firmly occupy the first place in the West. In the recent road trip, the team has won consecutive victories, and they play against the first oil man team in the Pacific Division. They win with a big score, so this game even if they are waiting for work with ease The flame team, presumably they are also very confident.

In the front court, one group is O’Reilly as the center, with Sanford partner peron on both sides, Shen en as the center, Schwartz partner Thomas on both sides, bozac as the center, Blaise partner sten on both sides, and song dequist as the center, with barbachev partner mckayn on both sides. In the past eight games, O’Reilly There are three goals and seven assists, PELON has two goals and seven assists, Shenen has four goals and three assists, and Schwartz has two goals and five assists. Although talanshenko is close to reimbursement in the season, the core forwards of the team have recovered their status, and the play of three or four groups is also surprising, which makes the blues team perform like a fish in water at the attack end recently.