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The pace of trading is near!

September 23rd, 2020

Anthony Davis, what’s the status of this player in the league now? What kind of price do you have to pay. Can, catch, he doesn’t understand the title? Cry team must be clear about this player, ah, although not a superstar, but also a contemporary superstar, also in the league you can change the pattern of this player can change, instant combat effectiveness is to drop. If James and Anthony Davis are able to combine words to form a round double thinking combination, then they will chase after each other. They may be able to catch up with the top four, including the bucks and the Raptors. They also want to trade.

But you have to pay a lot of money to join a team. It’s only a team. What’s more, he wants young players now. She wants to push down and start over again. He may not get what he wants. You know? Or, the first child may not. He just holds a lot of draft rights and a lot of love. Ah, from the draft rights of these young players, we will select the young players from the training of an Android zone. This is what I want to do. After drinking his first baby, he will not, and he will not. He will also need New York, Knicks and polzingis. This kind of training has rotten and has not been online. No, Anthony Davis. That’s the limit. Can you play

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Celtic not be willing to renew

September 22nd, 2020

Why? Because Anthony Davis, I’m why my son doesn’t like it. Because you don’t have loyalty to the players in the MV, you say it’s not nonsense. Ah, it’s not true. He quoted the thief Mars as an example, so you traded Thomas. For you, ah, project, help you to get to the top of the west east. Right? Even though you’re injured, you’ll trade Thomas. You are. Is that how you treat meritorious officials? Ah, it’s all bullshit. Isn’t it true that teams are not? Which teams are not? Which owners are not. These are all snobbish, right? Using this thing as an excuse is to use the word “prevarication”, which is the most important thing in the world, right. There is no reason to find a reason, ah, this is called nonsense, ah, we, these unreal reasons, Anthony Davis is not willing to go because of the team’s disloyalty to the players? No, absolutely not, right, and will Celtic not be willing to renew his contract with Anthony Davis.

Maybe, Anthony Davis isn’t a thief. 4. I don’t know. The best baby in the league. This is one of the few superstars in the last decade

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Murray can bear it

September 21st, 2020

So, compared with less and less, Hadden has played a major role in holding down. Other players’ shooting rate should be improved rapidly, but you can go. Take a look at their shooting percentage. Ah, they are all at a very low level. This level is completely different from last year’s. Hadden scored six more points, but the shooting rate of the whole team, other players, ah, has plummeted. Ah, compared with last year’s, the shooting rate of the same position is very dangerous.

So, ah, dedication to this position is not reassuring, so the Rockets, Xiangpu, I think it’s right, ah, it happens to be right with us, absolutely right. So now the problem is, ah, Murray can bear it, he can bear it, we said that if Wright is involved. Big brother, with the first round of signing, you will be satisfied with the risk of satisfying your rocket players. This is OK. But now it seems that you don’t want to operate like this. If you want to leave Gordon here, I will predict with you in advance. That is to say, if Gordon doesn’t hand in a certain amount now, more than 80% of the Rockets will be ready to stay with Gordon next summer and give him a satisfactory contract

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76 people are willing to endure hardships!

September 19th, 2020

This season, the lineup and structure of each team have been determined, unless those who are to be bought out will be supplemented later. We have said otherwise, ah, we agree to share the deals made last night. Wait a minute. Ah, explain. From my personal point of view, please tell me, oh, there are too many 7788 teams. They have bodies. Bus e. So, we won’t talk about the exchange of soldiers and crabs. Let’s focus on, um, a few tiny things that can change the pattern. Change, pattern, ah, basically can’t shake the warriors, er, the five-star warriors, the road to the championship, the 76ers team and the credit. At present, starting from the 76ers bucks and raptors, let’s first say, is one person right? Ah, the negative second trade is lost.

Later, Simmons, ah, I don’t know this player. I really don’t know. Ah, I can’t say that I don’t know much about this player. I don’t know much about it. I don’t know much about it. In exchange for some draft rights and so on, I personally think that the main thing is to let go. It includes leaving the son, giving him a training space, because a person has already clearly felt that he is not taking the father and son as the core of the fleet. Ah, it is the third young. Well, the original idea of Peter Simmons and the second son is like this. Now, this idea is broken

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James template!

September 15th, 2020

Well, the only thing that curry lacks is the MVP in the finals. This trophy is too important. Wade is also the MVP lacking in the regular season. This is too important. Grand Slam is all your standards. You have to meet them. Go and have a look at the history, which is right or wrong.

Which is not? Of course, we don’t want to say that ancient basketball has some data that is not completely right. At that time, the selection criteria are different from ours now. No matter it’s Jordan era, after 1984, David Stern’s era and now Adam Shaw era, take a look at these. History, forefathers, historical transcripts and scripts are all based on this as the only selection criteria. Ah, individual exceptions, individual exceptions. In the case of individual exceptions, you should have an absolute advantage in some things. Absolute advantages, ah, individual are not much. I feel that in my impression, there are not many people who can check it. Now, I think that Hardon and the letter gokunbur are the leaders in the league. Leonard, not to say, no, within the scope of super giant, you have to call this superstar, what is he called super giant, right? All star, all star, superstar above superstar. How can there be so many superstars, so many superstars, the gold content is very low, right? Ah, one or two of the super stars and the Chaozhou Opera don’t feel shabby, do you? Ah, if you take out these characters, you are not belittling the top ten superstars in history, super superstars.

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Anthony Davis in this kind of transaction

September 14th, 2020

If the Lakers don’t want to compete. Celtics, get Anthony Davis will only pay less, well, of course, I think the Laker team should be corrected. But, the chips don’t need so much. Now, in fact, this matter is extremely disadvantageous to all three parties, almost to the present.

Yes, it’s broken down. General manager dale is angry again. Anthony Davis and Ricky Paul, together with the Laker team, are not up to the standard now. They can’t play the playoffs, right? The players are panicked and the Celtics are now. Astro boy is also the same, Celtic team is less affected, today saw the news, said Tatu, Muna trading rumors, um, a little bit of this change in the heart, but also want to play the ball, want to stay in the Celtic team, right? I am not willing to this. This kind of feeling, um, is that people are in danger among the three teams, almost to that one. Ah, it may also be included in the package of Anthony Davis in this kind of transaction. Of course, if you go to the Lakers, you will be happy, right? If you go to a third-party team. Ah, the Suns may not be very satisfied, right? So this matter is not good for all three parties. This, title, general manager, pol Moore, is an inexorable and unforgivable crime

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the Cavaliers played the warriors

September 12th, 2020

This host is very famous for the world championship. Go to 9798. If I remember correctly, it was 969798. Which year was 9798 invited to the scene at that time. Hello, this team, the most important finals. To the opening remarks, the player and the host also appeared in the past two years. Ah, you don’t know, but you don’t know. Ah, when the Cavaliers played the warriors, it was the 2016 season and the 17 season. I forgot a little bit. Ah, I also saw that the competition standard of that year was very high. I think wow, you put Michael Porter.

Li Keqin, here we are. The standard of the competition is so high that it can be said that in recent years, ah Yifei is a more noticeable kind of competition. I remember correctly, it should be 16 years, 16 years or 17 years. It should be 16 years, a little forgotten, 17 years. Well, that was the case at that time, so later, ah, ah, because I don’t know why, Michael Tyson and hollyfield played these games. After these matches, ah, the boxing world championship, we were in. China, CCTV, ah, is not very broadcast, less and less, ah, in turn, eat investment is f1r, F 1 more and more events, more and more tennis open

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Hardon’s 30 records

September 11th, 2020

I feel that the arrival of the lost thunder team to the thunder team is also quite big, quite large, is also a relatively good player, ah, the contract is a little bigger, played a 23 million, well, if you can save some, it would be better to say again, ah, today’s small three double record interruption. I believe there will be media comments. Let’s put it in front of us. Before that, some netizens asked us questions. I also saw that there were some posts about Wei Shao’s three consecutive double records and Hardon’s 30 records. Which one is more difficult? This is really tongue twister. There are so many of these three. Er, I answered netizens like this at that time. The public said that the public was reasonable, and the old woman was reasonable. Everyone had their own understanding. They had their own ideas and perceptions. So I personally thought that it was better to learn from one of the more difficult questions to record.

To know him from the side, I replied that netizens said that, well, if you first look at the person whose jealousy is interrupted, it will prove whose record is more difficult. Well, now it is more difficult to prove Wei Shao’s jealousy, and the fact is the same. 30 in a row and 30 in a row. As long as you’re willing to take the shot, as long as you have the absolute right to shoot, you can throw out the score, right? But the triple record doesn’t mean that you can control everything by yourself

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play the Blazers.

September 10th, 2020

We have said that Curie’s 16 shots are not very good, 17 shots, 16 shots and 212 shots. This period is extremely efficient. If we go up a little bit, the efficiency is not good. Well, it’s basically like this. So, er, it’s still one.

The so-called characteristics, he is such a reasonable distribution of the right to the Warriors is very important, of course, I personally think that, ah, curry and Durant are super first-class excellent players, ah, the playoffs do not have to worry about the second game, it is about the rockets against the heat. A friend asked harden if he could win MVP with 58 points in newspapers and magazines. Of course, it was possible. This year, we said that the Rockets’ record had been basically determined, and they would fight for the third place in the position of 45, unless they won 20 consecutive victories in a row. Yeah, it’s almost impossible to reach the third place. It’s meaningless to rush to the top three, fourth and fifth. Fourth, we’re going to play the Blazers. Fifth, we’re going to play the Blazers. Basically, these two teams are in this position to prepare for the playoffs, unless the Rockets also go down, right? The Blazers have said it all the time. Readers are a very stable team. This team is the touchstone of the West. If you can play the playoffs, you can see if you can bid. If you play a team with the Trail Blazers, 2:2, right? If you play a playoff game and see no problem, this team is playing the traditional present.

Ah, in the league, ah, in the traditional, still playing in the western, there are only a few teams, the playoffs team pioneers will and determination has been basically like this, ah, other teams are playing modern basketball, people do not know how to line up

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Okafu also has a good data

September 9th, 2020

There are three people. This is okafu, lol hanol. I always can’t remember embid. Three people. Enbid has been sent to him for the third year in a row. Right? Okafu also has a good data. Of course, it’s also a very valuable player to be removed from the team one after another, or changed or sold, or how to say something about it. We have done these transactions in succession, not because of the injury of embid, but because of his continuous injury. Well, Peter, this is outside the planning of players.

It seems that it is still very correct ah, if you want to see sexy, okafu is also good to Er, although it is also very good, but can’t play the main force, Arnold is also the same team leader, the thunder team also can’t play the main force, the same is that the NBA has now sat down. The 76ers are the absolute core of this position. It’s possible to play in the Eastern Conference finals or even the finals this year. We just expect to play or I think I think I’m playing until now. I’m still optimistic about the Raptors. Of course. To play a complete 82 games, let’s have a look at how the Raptors are like after the first round and four rounds. This orange team also needs to see how the 76ers are at the same level. They should pass the baptism of the playoffs, especially how the first round passed. What are the problems. As a playoff team is not weak

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