Make Sportswears On Your Own

Basketball brands want to dominate the football field? I’m afraid he’s the only one!

April 1st, 2020

As the largest consumer market of sports goods in the world, football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the United States. For major sports brands, NFL has always been a must for strategists. In the face of this sports arena with both exposure and topic, Jordan Brand, rooted in basketball, not only extends its product line to the field of rugby, but also successfully cross-border, dominating the NFL arena.

The “super bowl” is known as the American Spring Festival Gala. This annual event attracts great attention. The live broadcast of the competition occupies the top of the “most watched program in the United States” all year round. Nearly half of the Americans will witness the championship battle of NFL in the form of live broadcast on that day. The popularity and mass base of the Super Bowl in the United States can be seen.

On February 3, the 54th NFL Super Bowl was held in Miami, and Kansas City Chiefs won it again 50 years later. The game may be a little strange for many domestic friends. Compared with the game itself, the shoes worn by players and the performance guests of the midfield show should be a more popular topic for Snickers.

To compete and perform on the top stream IP stage of super bowl is absolutely to increase the exposure and excellent advertising opportunities. For the guests of major shoe brands and midfield performances and even the players, the shoes they wear under their feet are bound to become a major trend of the world trend.

Steel Mike, is it white?

March 31st, 2020

One day in September 2002, steel Mike died quietly in his car.

He was unkempt, with wounds all over his body, and had no air of the past. If you only look at Mike’s body, no one can think that he used to be the center of Pittsburgh Steelers of NFL team and the hero of the city.

Iron and steel Mike played for Pittsburgh Steelers for 14 years, in which Mike served as the attack captain for 9 years. In order to prevent being caught by the opponent’s sleeve, Mike would show his arm every time he came out. Since he started as the starting center, Mike has led the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the Super Bowl four times and the professional bowl nine times. He has been selected as an all star seven times. In 1991, steel Mike retired, and Pittsburgh Steelers kept the jersey for him forever. Six years later, at the age of 45, Mike entered the rugby Hall of fame, when he was also called the best center in the history of the NFL. In his speech in the hall of fame, he said with a shudder, “as long as the game is over, we win.”

At the same time, no one knows that steel Mike is living an embarrassing life after his retirement.

In 2007, five years after Mike’s death, NFL co chairman Carson denied six times in an interview with HBO that football would cause chronic brain damage to players. In 2013, the NFL agreed to pay $765 million to calm the players’ anger, but there is still no official recognition of the relationship between football and concussion.

What are the highlights of the 47th Super Bowl?

March 30th, 2020

In the first half (the first and second quarter): 1. Flacco, the crow quarterback, successfully passed three touchdown passes. In the playoffs of this season, he completed 11 touchdowns and was never intercepted. He tied the NFL’s historical record and saved enough chips for winning the MVP of the super bowl. 2. In such an important arena of the super bowl, The crows actually chose to let Tucker, the team’s kicker, use the trick of “fake kicking and real running” when they could easily get free kick scores in the fourth gear attack. Although it was not successful, it could not help but admire coach John Hubble’s wisdom and courage. 3.49 team quarterback kaepenick failed to play his due level when he was unanimously favored before the game, and did not complete a arrival in the half, And once was intercepted, once was captured and killed, which led to that when the official collection was released in half time, the other quarterback’s lens was “brush“, “brush” and “brush” three touchdown passes, his own was “brush” was intercepted, and then “bang” was captured and killed, then there was no “brush”, the collection was released. 4. The score of crows of both sides led 21:6 in half time, which made everyone shocked, Before the game, the spinach company offered a team of 49 people to give 4.5 points. The official data showed that no team had ever been able to win the super bowl after falling 10 points behind in half-time. Then someone began to celebrate the half-time break for crows and legendary superstar ray Lewis: Beyonce’s performance was wonderful, but no one thought that it would lay a great foreshadowing for the two sides in the second half.

In 2016-2017 season, NFL Cowboys vs. Steelers, why did the defensive team of cowboys stand still after the Steelers’ last attack and kick-off?

March 28th, 2020

This is called a fake spike. It’s “spike” in clock management tactics


At the end of the game, if the leading side holds the ball, they must hope that the game clock does not Stop. The faster you walk, the better. So you usually use the running guard to hold the ball in the middle and even the quarterback to kneel directly to burn the time.

And if you are like the Steelers in this game, you have to stop as much as you can if you are behind. The main way is

Pass to the side. But the defenders are not stupid. They are usually very tight on the side. In the middle, they rely on deep area defense to make you short in the middle

Yards, but lost time.

Then the attackers can push forward the yards successfully, but they can’t get out of the line. When the pause left in their hands is not enough, they will choose to fall

The Ball. Throw the ball to remember a pass failure, no loss of yards, loss – number of gears. But, by the rules, the quarterback has to stand after the kick-off

That is to say, if you fall, you can’t watch and find that the passing chance is not good, you can fall again, otherwise you will be sentenced to intentional grounding, and you will be fined 10

Yard up, plus loss — attack chance, without stopwatch.

Before performing the throwing tactics, the quarterback of the attacking side will generally shake hands up and down as a tactical signal:

The array is a quarterback close to the center, two running guards stand behind the quarterback 45 degrees, similar to the split array


Because their job is not to catch the ball and break in, but to protect the ball when the quarterback drops the ball.

In the United States, 50000 cases were broken, and the president and his wife of Harvard were also diagnosed! Trump is considering lifting the ban?!

March 27th, 2020

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by novel coronavirus pneumonia at 13:30 am, 24 cases of global pneumonia confirmed more than 400 thousand cases, and 18227 deaths worldwide. Johns Hopkins, director general of the World Health Organization, said 24 days, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is accelerating.

From the first novel coronavirus pneumonia case, the number of cases to the world has reached 10 million for 67 days, and second to 100 thousand for 11 days, third 100 thousand for 4 days, and the speed of virus spreading is accelerating. In the face of increasingly severe epidemic situation, countries have increased their efforts in prevention and control, and China is also providing help within its capabilities. The United States may become the new epicenter of the global top epidemic. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 53268 forenoon and 696 died in Beijing at about 7 a.m. in March 25th, according to real-time statistics released by Johns Hopkins University. Compared with 7 a.m. the previous day, there were 10054 new confirmed cases and 163 new deaths.

Why is NFL so short every year?

March 26th, 2020

The main reason is that the intensity of the game is too high. Even if the game is played once a week, the frequency of players’ injuries is still very high, which requires a long rest period to ease. It’s easy to imagine a 300 pound man hitting himself with all his might in a race. Of course, it’s possible to increase the season from 17 weeks to 20 weeks. But there is a traditional problem. NFL needs a large number of college students to join in every year to maintain turnover. When it comes to the integration of new players, it’s unlikely that the full season will start earlier than September. As for the Super Bowl in February, the traditional holidays similar to those in the United States have become so popular that all other sports competitions have been adjusted, and a huge adjustment is needed to delay. In addition, American football is a highly tactical game. Before each game, players should train according to their opponents’ characteristics, master dozens of different tactics, and practice in practice, so the actual game frequency can not exceed once a week.

How complicated is NFL’s tactics?

March 25th, 2020

First of all, it can be said responsibly that American football is the most tactical and complicated sport in the world. NFL has nearly 20000 tactics. That’s right. Because of the particularity of American football, every offensive, defensive, shooting, abandoning the ball and kicking off. All have to rely on tactics, no tactics, 11 vs 11 on the field 22 players do not know what to do on the field. That’s why when watching American football, it’s always intermittent, because every time before kick-off, we have to make a circle. For the next attack and defense, what tactics should we use to compare with football? The tactics are generally based on formation (such as 4-4-2). In the process of cooperation, we usually focus on the core players. If we don’t arrange the tactics, it’s just cloth Set the formation, the football game can still play, but the team cooperation is not so delicate, will not affect the game, the tactics is icing on the cake, let the game look better, let the attack more flowing. Because pig is an olive fan, I don’t need to explain football tactics too much (the key is that I don’t understand either), so I mainly introduce American football tactics to you.

The offensive tactics of American football also have various formations, each of which can derive different tactics.

The Yellow haircut in the picture above is the route for the attacking players to run.

And tactics don’t just tell you where to run after you start.

American football is a physical and mental game. Many people who don’t know it think that football players are gorillas with simple brains and developed limbs.

Why does baseball have a tacit agreement not to steal bases when the score gap is large?

March 24th, 2020

There are hidden rules in the profession. They all win the competition. There’s no need to make the opposite look so ugly. The opposite wants to get off work quickly,. I know there are three hidden rules, but they are Japanese. There is a big gap in the score. When it’s the pitcher’s turn to hit, the catcher on the opposite side will usually hint at the hitter and stand to see the strikeout. (there was a young pitcher who didn’t know the rule and ran the base with all his strength, but he didn’t lose points before, and he didn’t let the water out on the opposite side of the next game. The pitcher was directly blasted out.) in the Central League, there was an unwritten rule that the number of full balls should be played with straight balls. Sakamoto’s terminator Fujikawa had been scolded for throwing fingers and forks all over the ball. The original Jia Ziyuan giant, PL college has a rule: work well, the younger generation can’t throw the corner to the older generation.

Is there a Kobe in the NFL?

March 23rd, 2020

There are different opinions on this issue, even if it is changed into who inherits the spirit of Mamba among NBA players now, there will be a huge dispute.

NFL is a very strong group sport. Personal heroism is not as good as NBA. The quarterback is the most prominent one. The choice of Kobe Bryant like quarterback depends on who you ask. Some of them will choose Manning, but certainly many will say Tom Brady, especially the key ball, has two points of influence. Not to mention the influence, there are still some discussions on the first place in the history of Brady NFL, but no one should object to the first three.

Now let’s mainly look at the handling of key balls: Brady has completed the winning promotion 13 times in the history of playoffs, the first and second in the history of Alvey has only 6 times, and Brady’s Super Bowl alone has 6 times of record.

73 postseason passes, the first in history, and it’s the same. Second place legend Montana Only 45 times. Nine times of super bowl, six wins, no matter how many times he scored or won, are the first in history. Brady’s amazing thing is that he is still on the brink of disaster from time to time, leading to the Patriot fans in the past decade are usually the most calm to watch the ball, because no matter how much behind, Brady seems to always have a way to kill.

What do you think of Tom Brady leaving the New England patriot?

March 21st, 2020

Brady has retired psychologically. He has lost a heart to win the championship. As long as he doesn’t go to the Emirates as a substitute now, he is not as good as the patriot in any other team. Do other teams have such amazing managers? Can team cohesion be close to the same level of patriots? Is there a more athletic atmosphere than Boston? Can fans match Massachusetts? Brady is a smart man. He knows that the patriots are the best guarantee for him to keep winning. However, he chose to leave, which means that he is not so concerned about the championship. Just like the old cadres who are going to retire, they will no longer pursue political achievements in their final term of office, but strive to make a smooth transition, do not make mistakes in their work, and slowly hand over the work. However, Patriot coach Billy cheick didn’t make a successor for Brady. His former substitute Jimmy garropollo was traded to San Francisco two years ago, and this year he entered the super bowl. Maybe Brady, who is watching the game at home, has to admit that the younger generation of players have surpassed himself, which makes him want to quit; and because the team has no successor, Brady can’t play the role of director in the team, support the new generation of leaders, which makes him have to leave the team.