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the Rockets will not support Hadden Road

August 13th, 2020

Do you believe in James? Do you believe in James’s achievements and abilities over the years. Don’t you know James’s ability to snatch seven, do you know? Zhan Chao marine James won in the end and failed to live up to our expectations. By contrast, the same is true of rockets. I believe in harden, I am willing to be defeated by Harbin Institute of technology if the Rockets lose in the series.

In Durant’s case, Durant didn’t, and when Durant didn’t, the Rockets also lost to the warriors. So, the bad life of the Rockets proves that our NBA cobbler’s vision is not good, and our trust in harden has failed our trust, or we look away. However, we have to say, ah, we believe in Hadden, even if Hadden plays, crosses, stinks, right or wrong, and the Rockets lose, we can stand the same fight. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. If you say something wrong, you have to recognize it, right or wrong, but if you say it right, you have to be sure whether you are right or not, and you should also affirm us in the NBA. In addition, we should also emphasize that we need to beat the warriors. If we want to challenge the warriors, the warriors will challenge the powerful. Now is the best opportunity. If we don’t support them, the Rockets will not support Hadden Road, and the warriors will have no chance. No team in the league has challenged the warriors after three recoveries. Maybe we support the bucks or we support the warriors. If there is no problem, under normal circumstances, whether it is ignorant or the bucks are not.

But with the warriors, look at him, this is the last moment, now is the Rockets can represent the whole league, the hope of the whole league is in the Rockets, so you say I can not support the Rockets, if you want to challenge the warriors, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a great opportunity can not be missed.

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Rocket fans, we should not be discouraged

August 12th, 2020

Culture is something implanted in the bone marrow. We say that you want to destroy a nation, you want to destroy a country is easy to eliminate a major shock.

But it’s very difficult for you to wipe out a nation. Why can’t a nation be destroyed? It’s because it has culture. Unless you destroy its culture, then you will destroy its nation. But culture is deeply rooted and it is very, very difficult to use. So every nation, every nation, has its own specific culture. Of course, these cultures will change with the times. For example, if you say, canadian people, more than a billion people no longer eat with chopsticks. Do you still call them canadian? Ah, more than a billion canadian people don’t stick up the couplets. Do you still call them canadian? Do not set off firecrackers? Do you still call them canadian? Justcanadian new year, no more dumplings, not too much dumplings. No more Dragon Boat Festival Mid Autumn Festival. Do you still call this canadian? This is not called canadian, right? So these cultural relics. The inheritance of hair is the symbol of a nation. If you want to destroy this nation, it has destroyed its culture. Of course, it is very difficult. So we say why the Lakers and rockets have culture. What is their culture? Their culture is blood, and that is the loyalty of these fans.

So, what do I want to say in this program? We are all documentary programs. I think, what are we talking about? Rocket fans, we should not be discouraged, arrogant or arrogant. Ah, we must stick to our position. We must know that you support the Rockets, not ha, and you may support harden. But you are a member of the rocket team, you are red, the rocket is also hot blooded, the core, Rocket fans, you must remember

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The bucks are golden!

August 11th, 2020

These teams of 76ers are also the same star basketball star players, right? Enbid can take one game away. The NBA is equal to zero, and the series is equal to zero. We have always said, well, it’s nothing to do with winning one Nb in this series, and Jimmy Butler took two. Victory, Harris and Simmons, together take one, so now it’s three to seven four win games, raptors won by a narrow margin, ah, stars, no problem, we said that there is a problem with the level of Brown’s coach, such a team, we say the Raptors are your touchstone. He is the champion level team, the champion level defensive team, and the champion defense level team. The order can’t be reversed. Otherwise, the warriors fans will not be happy. Oh, I can’t offend the curry fans. Really, I won’t talk much about it. Well, I won’t talk about this worry much. I’ll wait for you, Curie fans and so on. Baby, brain powder, slowly grow up, ah, after three years and five years, think about me again, if you think about what I said, ah, you may feel the same way, ah, now talk to you, this thing is useless, I, call me useless, I reduced to teach you this knowledge, you are useless, you can’t bear it.

I can’t understand it at all. I can understand that you don’t know what the word “social sophistication” means. Let’s go over it

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Let’s talk about the problems of the Celtic team

August 10th, 2020

All of us, we just had a heated discussion in the group. We talked about the Celtic team, the ordinary team and the weak team. The next day’s trading, because now, a few, thousands of players have come out, right? A few behaviors all come out. It doesn’t matter. First choose, then cheat and then change. It doesn’t matter, ah, who do you want? I’ll help you choose. After washing, I can change. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all. On the day of the draft, you can trade immediately. Um, send it to me. Let’s talk about the problems of the Celtic team. The day is before the 15th, and it has certain educational value. That’s a fact.

But, ah, it’s not as big as it is and it’s not as big as it is. Personally, I think that HA has transaction value, and it’s of extremely high transaction value. It’s 123456. What’s more, it can be ignored. Well, this is to improve the value of the deal. Then, let’s play the Celtic team’s reinforcement this summer. It’s still not strong or rectification. To say, ah, all the problems, we say that all the problems are focused on Owen, totally on him. So Anthony Davis, it is possible to get rid of the Celtic team. There is a big premise. The premise is that Owen’s contract should be renewed first. Owen’s contract has been signed. Under the circumstances, Rex Rabbit’s ability to go to school and hospital is four. This depends on the Celtic team’s courage. If Anthony Davis finished this season and didn’t finish with Celtic team from 191 to 2020, he would give away a rex rabbit and a Tatum for nothing. What a huge loss, the team would collapse

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Shave long and short as you like!

August 8th, 2020

We feel that we don’t think the Blazers beat the Nuggets. We hate to say that there is no such thing. We really think so. Ah, the probability that the Blazers will be shaved if they want to fight the Warriors is very high. Now, zero to three is zero to three, and the Nuggets are barely able to fight.

A little bit of advantage, about the machine in the inside line, Big Mac, can beat you. You see, now all the so-called advantages at the beginning of the designated time have become history. Before us, the program said that I would repeat it again today. We won’t have to repeat it. This round of series, the western finals. I personally think it’s me. The most relaxed experience of the series since I did the program. The most relaxed round, as I said before, ah warrior fans can have a rest, right? It’s very relaxed. There is a black League in a series, and you can also relax. You don’t have to work overtime. Why is it that the family comes to the black cause. You can’t beat it. Look at this green. You see, it’s triple doubles today. If green plays triple doubles for him, you basically go to the edge of the cliff. If you slip, you can fall. You don’t need the warriors to kick you. You just jump down. You can use today’s green 20 + 10 + 10, right? Gao, Xiaosong, you don’t have to fight 10 + 10 + 10 tanks. It’s still the same. The pioneers team, just like it, is still the same. Zhao Yonggui saw an article yesterday. I don’t appreciate the beautiful scenery. The article takes action. Green is the licensing machine

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for such a Durant explosive bag

August 7th, 2020

Wei Shao has become, ah, such a player, ah, it is heartbreaking that Durant should take the main responsibility or even all the responsibility, but Durant has now become such a player, a good boy, a good boy and a schoolbag. So far, for such a Durant explosive bag, we have to find the media to be absolutely responsible, ah, all, even all the responsibility. Branteff’s 1% responsibility is right. The media should be responsible for 99% of the responsibility, I don’t say. Players play, well, you have to be sure that this is necessary, this is a kind of recognition of players, the first person in the league and the second person. I believe no one will oppose what I said, ah, the league, the first person and the second person did not appear. Among the best lists, what kind of list is this? It’s an ugly board, a shameless gang. Ah, we say that once such unjust and false cases increase, the credibility of this list will be greatly reduced.

Paul George, in the end, strong enough to be masterpieces. How strong is it? How strong is it? The best, the best and the best at the same time? I’m not sure. Ah, the best, the artist and the best. One side can be selected at the same time, and pay back the money, and it has won the 12th place in the Western League

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how many managers can find Michael Jordan

August 6th, 2020

Big dog small close-up is used in the league, or in the team. If it is used in the league, it is very rare. There are hostages first. Then, how many managers can find Michael Jordan who got 30 million in the bulls in those years, and all the coaches of all the players in the League.

If the unification is passed, you can get the position you want. Right, you can set the salary or take the knowledge of teachers. You can also take no problem. The super salary cap can also be taken. It’s called privilege to take the teacher himself or not. We don’t know about this thing. It’s OK to read history and watch football at that time. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s good to see two black people playing basketball. I have to take care of his salary. I don’t have this understanding. If there are mistakes, please correct them. I don’t mean to be stingy. OK, the second Kobe is also privileged. One vote, veto power, you want to trade, I can’t, oh, I won’t promise. I remember correctly, in the past 12 years and 13 years, when Kobe was also rumored to be traded by the Lakers and the new James was to be traded. This matter has not been implemented, has not been implemented, right? No, implementation has, rumors, but you can know Kobe. Before I vote down, he can stop it. This is called privilege. Third, Mutombo, shake, finger. This is also a privilege, right? There are few people. There are not many people. Other players in the League shake their fingers. All of them will be regarded as contemptuous of their opponents. Provocative actions should be blown, and fouls should be expelled.

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Raptors get lucky!

August 5th, 2020

From the broadcast lens, ah, there is indeed pain. If it is a cramp, then there should be no big problem. Take a rest for a period of time. A half day’s rest should be able to recover. But if it’s a strain, we’ll bid farewell to the playoffs. This time, the finals are basically over.

If the injection is closed, ah, to ruin his career, is Dalai willing to do this? Ah, dare not do it? But he can only play a half court ball. So, now we have to see the injury report of this player. In the evening, we will comment on tomorrow. After the construction of the city and the completion of the MRI, we will analyze the trend after the injury report comes out, but we also have to say that the form is quite meaningful to someone and quite powerful. In the evening, we will watch the game and share it with you. Er, I didn’t say that. We said it before. Durant is very important. Through this game, you can also reflect whether Durant is important or not. Right, colchin Durant is worth it or not. Right? If the warriors don’t have it, whether they can still win the finals under the condition of Rand has a direct impact on Curry’s evaluation. We’ve been talking to you all the time, saying that the defensive warriors are against the warriors. There are only two teams in the Western League. One team is the thunder team, and the second team is the Rockets. For these two teams, they can follow the warriors in the West.

Thunder, for him, the advantage lies in the strong individual defense ability, cooperative defense ability, good transposition defense, quick and accurate, so is the Raptors. A team, the Raptors, we have repeatedly stressed that it is the defense ability of the championship level

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Rooney still play a Rooney substitute

August 4th, 2020

I didn’t expect that, ah, it would cause, ah, this, this and that sequelae, ah, at that time, I saw that you could fight if you wanted to. You could go up there and fight you, right or wrong? Or, the paper people would fall one by one. Ah, the finals didn’t reach the conclusion. Ah, a healthy person still does it, but can Rooney still play a Rooney substitute? It’s impossible. Ah, ah, I’ll also turn over, Thomson. The third ball must be on. Why? Ah, ah, the fourth ball must be on. Why. The third game, that is, the stopper has been enough. Tell us, ah, if this is the case, the warriors can’t fight from any aspect. So Thomson continues to play and continues to be absent. The warriors may, probably, continue to lose. Ah, they will fall into a one-to-three dilemma. Therefore, this is very dangerous. I don’t think Cole can do this no matter how brave he is. And Thomson can play, just for the insurance period.

So, Thomson will definitely be on the spot, but Durant will not. Before that, there are many reports that Durant may come back in time, ah, only participate in a few confrontations within the team.

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MRI needs swelling before it can be done

August 3rd, 2020

Today, it was revealed that Durant himself announced on instagram that the operation had been successful, right. It’s very fast to have an operation, right? Even after checking all the operations today, it takes 48 hours to complete in two days. The efficiency is very high, and the fans are telling us in the group that, ah, MRI needs swelling before it can be done.

Ah, detumescence can only be detected. It’s really ridiculous. I heard for the first time that, ah, people on the operating table are dying, and Amway detumescence. After you have eliminated swelling, we will do MRI. We are doing surgery. Are you stupid or stupid. Too stupid, too stupid, really stupid, this thing, ah, not to say that IQ is not IQ, this is common sense ah, but you should also have such common sense when you are an adult, right? Now, to leave Durant to win the championship is not only to check and finish the operation. Don’t, tease me to do two things at the same time. In 48 hours, I believe that some fans, experts and scholars have a clear understanding of the world of this matter, but how many people are there. Ah, dare to say, how many people dare to say that how many people are willing to say, right? Our bad temper in the NBA is one of them. We dare to say what’s good. In the past, we’ll focus on Durant’s Achilles tendon training.

If you want to listen to our program, you have to believe us 100 percent. Our judgment is extremely accurate. I believe there will be many netizens today, who are selfish or leave messages to discuss the impact of Durant’s Achilles tendon problem on his career and the subsequent contract issues. And then, there will be a lot of problems about the recovery. Let’s make a program today to talk about Durant’s problem, warrior’s problem, ah, including his back, contract, career and hard disk problems

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