How to apply and remove temporary tattoos and make last longer?

How to apply temporary tattoos (download instruction)

How to make temporary tattoos last longer (download instruction)

How to remove temporary tattoos (download instruction)

How to Heat Press a T Shirt

Heat pressing is a way to add your own artwork to a clothing item or personal accessory. A printed design, image or text is applied to a shirt, tote bag or other fabric item using even, consistent heat and pressure from a heat press. Follow these steps to heat press a T-shirt.

1. Choose the image or design the artwork you want to press onto the T-shirt. Ideas include a personal digital photograph, an abstract artistic design or a slogan.

  • Use graphic design software to create or edit your T-shirt’s artwork as necessary. Horizontally flip the image or artwork using the software to reverse it.

Heat Press a T Shirt v1

2. Print the reversed image or artwork onto heat transfer paper. Avery is one company that sells this kind of paper. Heat transfer paper should have a clear or opaque film on one side of it.

  • Transfer paper with a clear film on it is used for white or light gray (ash gray) fabrics. Opaque transfer paper is for fabrics in other colors.
  • Load the heat transfer paper into your printer so the artwork or image prints onto the film side of the paper.

3. Cut out any parts of the transfer paper you do not want to press onto the T-shirt. Because your art’s ink needs the paper’s film to stay on the T-shirt, any unwanted paper you leave will have its film transferred onto the shirt.

Heat Press a T Shirt v3

4. Lay the mirrored artwork or image face down over your chosen T-shirt.

Heat Press a T Shirt v4

5. Place the artwork and T-shirt in between the plates of a heat press. Apply heat and medium to high pressure from the press to transfer the artwork or image onto the T-shirt.

Heat Press a T Shirt v5

6. Finished.

Heat Press a T Shirt v6


  • You can also use an iron as a heat source to transfer artwork onto a T-shirt or other fabric item. An iron will not be able to apply the same, consistent level of heat and pressure as a heat press, however.
  • Use professional-quality heat transfer paper to get transfers that are more durable and of better quality, especially if you are heat pressing T-shirts for a living.
  • An inkjet printer is best for printing heat press artwork because a laser printer’s ink on a T-shirt or other washable item may not withstand being laundered.
  • It may be difficult to transfer artwork that is not square or rectangular in shape onto a T-shirt. You can add a colored box around your design in your graphic design program before printing it onto transfer paper and cutting it out for pressing.


  • Do not under any circumstances print a transfer page from a printer different from that it is designed for. Using inkjet transfer paper in a laser printer will permanently damage the heating elements and motors of the printer.
  • Heat transferred artwork will always have some degree of stiffness to it due to the transfer paper’s film. If you try to eliminate stiffness by reducing the amount of film on the pressed object, colors can come out dull and the design could be washed off.

How to Attach a Patch to a Uniform Using Iron on Fusing Tape

Attaching a patch to a uniform or garment using iron-on fusing tape is fast and easy. Once well-attached, the patch should stay on through many washings.

1. Purchase iron-on fusing tape (Stitch Witchery is one brand name) at a fabric or crafts store. You can also buy a small piece of fusible interfacing to use instead of the fusing tape. 14 yard (0.2 m) should be enough for quite a few badges.

Using Iron on Fusing Tape

2. Preheat the iron to the setting recommended on the fusing tape or interfacing.

Using Iron on Fusing Tape v2

3. Place the uniform or garment on an ironing board or table with the outside of the uniform or garment facing up. Position the patch carefully making sure you know where you want it to go. Hold it in place with a straight pin or safety pin. Try on the uniform or garment to be sure the patch is correctly positioned. Put the uniform or garment back on the ironing board with the outside facing up.

Using Iron on Fusing Tape v3

4. Cut the fusing tape to slightly smaller than the size of the patch. The slightly smaller part is important because you don’t want to get the fusible stuff on the iron or press cloth.

 Using Iron on Fusing Tape v4

5. Remove the pin carefully and place the iron-on fusing tape on the uniform or garment and then the patch on top of it facing up, being careful to keep the patch in the same position.

 Using Iron on Fusing Tape v5

6. Get a damp paper towel or damp white cloth (like an old t-shirt) to use as a pressing cloth. Place the damp cloth or paper towel on top of the patch.

 Using Iron on Fusing Tape v6

7. Press and hold the iron down on top of the press cloth for the length of time specified on the fusing tape directions, usually 15 to 30 seconds. If necessary lift the iron up and press it down again in an overlapping pattern to cover the whole patch. Usually the patch will be well-fused if the press cloth is dry where the iron was. Let the material cool for a minute or two.

 Using Iron on Fusing Tape v7

8. Lift the press cloth off. Check that the patch is well attached. If it is, the uniform or garment can now be laundered and dried and the patch should stay on fine.

 Using Iron on Fusing Tape v8

9. Finished.

 Using Iron on Fusing Tape v9 


  • Be sure you understand any guidelines or regulations associated with this uniform before you sew the patch.
  • British Army uniform wearers, do this at your own risk. Some senior staff take a very dim view of this and expect it to be done properly with a needle and thread. The more junior you are, the less likely you are to get away with this.

Things You’ll Need

  • Iron on fusing tape or a small piece of fusible interfacing,

  • safety pin

  • an iron,

  • a surface to iron on (ironing board, counter or table),

  • scissors,

  • white rag or paper towel.

How to Decorate a Mirror

Mirrors are beautiful in and of themselves, but they’re even more remarkable when they’re decorated with a personal touch. To make yours stand out — or just to match your room — you’ll need to channel your artistic side. You ready?

1. Stencil basic designs onto your mirror. The most simple way to decorate a mirror and take it from basic to amazing is to stencil a design onto the glass. Buy a stencil from your local art store, cover the areas that won’t be stenciled with newspaper and tape everything into place, and then use spray paint that’s designed for glass to paint your design. You can also use non-traditional stencils, like paper doilies, or reverse stencils, like a leaf. custom mlb stickers

2. Try a cozy “Alice in Wonderland” theme. You can make an adorable Alice in Wonderland themed mirror with some really basic supplies. Get a doll’s tea set and use hot glue to attach a teacup to the edge of the mirror. Next, get a cheap pocket watch and attach Velcro at the back and where you’d like it to be on the mirror (the opposite corner from the teacup works well). Use Modge Podge or another decoupage glue to cover the remainder of the mirror in teabag tags in an artful design that appeals to you. You can tape playing cards to a string and display it like a garland along the bottom of the mirror as well. custom NHL decals stickers

3. Create a classy Tuscan look. Use wine corks cut in half to create a frame around the mirror. Then, hot glue fake grape bunches and leaves to the corners or edge of the mirror in a way that you think looks nice. If you can find charms that look like wine bottles, those can also be a nice addition.

4. Go for a natural, foresty look. You can also use natural materials if that would work better for your style. Hot glue together twigs in a woven pattern, or use other material like stones or fake leaves. You can also combine all three to create your own mini forest. Rocks on the bottom, twigs on the sides, and leaves at the top will look like your mirror sprouted up in the middle of a tree!

5. Make a mosaic frame. You can buy mosaic tiles from your local art store or make your own using broken pottery pieces. Use glue or mortar to attach the pieces to your mirror. Just make sure to let it fully set before hanging it and to hang it on something that is strong enough to support the weight if you used mortar.

6. Go for an elegant, feminine look. You can create a mirror fit for a princess. Start by covering the frame in fancy paper using Modge Podge. Then, using hot glue, attach strings of pearls, pink beads, and paper flowers to the paper-covered frame in an artful way.

7. Try a by-the-sea theme. This classic mirror design is easy to get for yourself at home. Buy some rope from your local hardware store and use hot glue to create a frame for the mirror by wrapping the rope around and creating a design. Then you can add other features, like gluing on a dried starfish as a centerpiece at the bottom or top.

8. Try a colorful, fun button design. If you want to bring more color into your home, a button frame mirror is a great way to go. Buy a large batch of random buttons off of ebay or from an antique store and use hot glue to attach them to the edge of the mirror in a design that appeals to you. Try to layer and stagger them to create a feathered effect.

9. Make a Christmas mirror. You can make a mirror that looks great for the holidays with just a few easy items that are found at your local craft store during the holidays. String a few light ornaments on a piece of twine or ribbon and attach the ribbon at the two top corners of the mirror so that the ornaments hang. Surround the edges of the mirror with real or fake Christmas tree branches taped to the wall. You can finish off the look by tying a beautiful red Christmas bow and taping it to the bottom center of the mirror.

10. Got for a sports theme. You can make a perfect mirror for your man’s man cave or even just your own room by getting your mirror custom fit to the inside measurement of a tennis racket. Glue it into place and then hang the racket on a wall. Another method would be to spray paint bottle caps with your team’s colors and glue them around the outside of the mirror.

11. Try a travel theme. Another easy, timeless theme is a travel theme. This can be customized to match a trip that is significant to you, or be generalized. Use Modge Podge to attach pieces of a map to cover the frame of the mirror. Once it’s dry, tack or tape up postcards and artfully distribute stamps around the frame. You can even draw fake passport stamps on the frame for added flair!


  • Experiment to create your own designs!

How to Remove Old Decals

You can remove old decals NBA wall decals in a number of ways. It’s relatively simple, but can be time consuming if the decals have been in place for some time.

1. If possible, try to pull up a corner of a decal with your fingernail, a pair of tweezers, or a razor blade. If you can, try to pull off as much as possible.

2. If you cannot pull up the decals, take a sharp knife and score the top of the decal in several places, being careful not to damage the surface underneath.

3. After the decal has been scored, cover the decal with baby oil or vaseline. Do not use cooking oil since it may go rancid if left on for a long period of time.

4. Leave the decals covered in the oil overnight. The next day, try to pull up a corner with a razor…if the decal is loose, pull up the entire decal. If not, cover with a little more oil and leave for another day.

5. Once you are able to remove the decals, there may be a residue of adhesive. Try rubbing with some oil to dissolve it. Take a paper towel to remove the adhesive and oil.

6. Once the decals custom NHL decals stickers and adhesive is removed, thoroughly clean the surface with soap and water to remove any residue.


  • Any type of oil will loosen adhesive. Mineral oil works best since it has no odor and will not go rancid.
  • If a decal has been placed on a painted wall, you may have to sand and repaint the wall after removal. Use a razor blade to lift a corner and see if the decal custom mlb stickers will remove easily. If not, use the razor to remove the decal from the wall. Unless the wall is painted with a gloss paint (latex or oil-based), the remaining adhesive will be impossible to remove without damage to the paint. (If it’s a gloss paint, try using oil as indicated above. Do a small test spot first in a corner to see if the oil damages the paint.) Once the decal is removed, you will have to lightly sand the wall to remove and adhesive residue. Wipe down the wall to remove any sanding dust, prime (if needed) and repaint.
  • if your surface appears to dry very easily I recommend covering the stuck decal with plastic wrap to allow the oil to seep under the decal.


  • Do not use the oil technique on walls 3D look wall stickers, panelling, unfinished wood, etc. It should only be used on non-porous surfaces such as appliances, painted toy boxes, plastics, etc.
  • Never use solvents of any type on latex-based paints – it will dissolve the paint.

How to Make T Shirts to Sell

With a little creativity, imagination and the right supplies, you can make and sell t-shirts, online and in person, at festivals and special events. Many of the materials you need to make personalized t-shirts are inexpensive and you can use these materials to make other items. Learn what supplies you need as well as what designs you can utilize to make t-shirts that sell.

Method 1.

1. Go to the fabric store and purchase the type of fabric you need to make the t-shirts. A cotton and spandex blend to make t-shirts provides maximum comfort for the wearer.

2. Buy a pattern to make the type of shirts you want. There are different shirt patterns for v-neck t-shirts, scoop neck t-shirts and sleeveless t-shirts.

3. Pay for the fabric, the pattern and the supplies you need to make the t-shirts by hand.


Method 2. Making T-Shirts with Decals

1. Take your sketches or drawings to a decal store or craft store and have them make heat press decals for you. Depending on the business, having your decals made can take a few days up to a week or longer. Once they are ready, pick them up at the store.

2. Put the heat press machine on if you have your own glitter iron on stickers. Be careful when using the heat press machine. It can reach upwards of a couple of 100 degrees. Read the directions thoroughly before you attempt to use this machine.

3. Place the t-shirt onto the heat press. Make sure it is centered and has no wrinkles in it. Place the decal onto the shirt iron on transfers for t shirts. Make sure you centered the decal in the middle of the shirt.

4. Press the handle down on the heat press machine and hold the bar down until you hear a beep. The beep lets you know when the shirt is ready.

5. Remove the t-shirt from the heat press. Place it on the hanger and set it to the side. You can continue making the personalized t-shirts until all of the decals are used up.


Method 3. Making T-Shirts with Rhinestones

1. Place the t-shirt onto a craft table or flat surface. You can use a sketch you have drawn previously as a guideline or use a stencil or pattern to help you with proper placement of the rhinestones.

2. Hold the stencil steady by placing tape on it. Grab your glue gun or special glue pen.

Place the rhinestone onto the pattern or stencil and begin gluing the rhinestones onto the t-shirt. Continue gluing the rhinestones onto the t-shirt until you complete the pattern.

3. Place the rhinestone onto the pattern or stencil and begin gluing the rhinestones onto the t-shirt. Continue gluing the rhinestones onto the t-shirt until you complete the pattern.

4. Hang the t-shirt on a hanger or flat surface and allow the glue time to dry. Experiment with different patterns and different colored rhinestones to get an idea of what design works best with the rhinestones you purchased.

18 special t shirts designs because of customers ideas involved in

Summer arrives, the big T-shirt lovers are showing their own creative T-shirts after they heat transfer their own iron on stickers on t shirts, today collects share with 40 creative T-shirt designs, hope you like them, or they can bring inspiration to you.

Coffee That’s Always Late by Lim Heng Swee

Coffee That’s Always Late by Lim Heng Swee

Cookie Loves Milk by Jess Fink

Cookie Loves Milk by Jess Fink

Cosmonaut by design by humans

Cosmonaut by design by humans

Don Kong Premium Tee by jinx

Don Kong Premium Tee by jinx

ELVIS PIGSLEY by skreened

ELVIS PIGSLEY by skreened

Enjoy the Aurora by design by humans

Enjoy the Aurora by design by humans

ESKIMO IN ALASKA by skreened

ESKIMO IN ALASKA by skreened

HIPSTER KITTY by skreened

HIPSTER KITTY by skreened

It’s about time by ugmonk

It’s about time by ugmonk

Limited Edition – Colorstorm by design by humans

Limited Edition – Colorstorm by design by humans

Maniac T-Shirt by jinx

Maniac T-Shirt by jinx

Math problem by ugmonk

Math problem by ugmonk

Nerd Rage Premium Tee by jinx

Nerd Rage Premium Tee by jinx

Spray Paint Premium Tee by jinx

Spray Paint Premium Tee by jinx

Tribal mask by mintees

Tribal mask by mintees

Vote Robots! by AJ Paglia

Vote Robots! by AJ Paglia

Zombie Love T-Shirt by jinx

Zombie Love T-Shirt by jinx

La De Dah by mintees

La De Dah by mintees

iron on stickers for 13 amazing creative t shirt designs

T-shirt, is part of our daily life. We gathered some creative T-shirt design.Some of them are quite simple design and can convey a strong message to the public.Let’s take a look at how professional designers put their own creativity into to T-shirt! Long Hair iron on stickers after transferred on t shirts.

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs

Resident Evil zombies iron on sticker transferred inside of t shirts.

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-001 iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-002

World Cup iron on sticker inside the t shirts

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-003

venetian blind iron on sticker on t shirts, the rope is not heat transferred on t shirt, is real. you can really pull it down.

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-004

Beard ruler ironed on red t shirts

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-006

abdominal muscle iron on t shirts.

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-007

rulers iron on stickers for sweat amount for private coach

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-009

Wide life garden t shirts

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-010

Fedex mail iron on sticker for t shirts

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-011

Healthclub health care t shirts

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-012

JWT institutions internship t shirts

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-014

Music store t shirt iron on stickers

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-015

Note t shirts with pocket

iron on stickers for 18 amazing creative t shirt designs-016


Classic Marilyn Monroe t shirt with iron on stickers

MARILYN MONROE, a familiar name, the familiar image.Almost everyone saw her famous photos before, and remember the pic.


These pictures has become a kind of special emotion to convey, a kind of pure sexy frames.For generations, Monroe is like these photos, is eternal frames.



How to define 4inches logo?



All above logos are defined as 4 inches